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Photo wallpapers

An empty wall after renovation begs to be covered with an unconventional pattern. Instead of using ordinary paints, it is worth considering using modern, custom-made photo wallpapers. Wall murals are nothing more than a creative interpretation of wall decorations, which allows you to change the character of a given interior simply and affordably.

Even if you do not have specialist knowledge, thanks to photo wall murals you will gain the skills of a real interior designer, easily placing any patterns on the walls of your office or apartment.

Buy Wall Mural

Modern panoramas of the city, photos of flowery gardens with vivid colors, photos of people and cars, aesthetic brick patterns, or futuristic 3D paintings – by deciding to buy a photo wallr mural, you will be able to precisely match the look of the room to your individual needs. Importantly, this is just the beginning of ideas for decorating your wall.

Wall Mural Nature

The motifs of plants and nature are particularly popular among our customers: flowers, bouquets, or a classic over the classics – forest in the fog. In addition to them, in our offer you will find wall murals with photos of rocky mountains, green fields, and sunny beaches.

Although it should be said that the sky is the limit, we reach far beyond the stratosphere. If you haven't found anything for yourself so far, check out the charming Northern Lights images or the detailed Hubble images of the galaxy.

Wall murals for children

Children are one of the most demanding customers. How to hit toddlers' tastes knowing that their preferences will change in a few years? Since sticking them on is extremely easy, wall murals for children are an ideal solution for regularly refreshing the decor of a children's room.

The princess castle is less interesting than the royal horses? Did dinosaurs go extinct to the Galactic Empire from Star Wars? The jungle has been turned into a neatly trimmed soccer field? No problem. Thanks to wall mural from photo you can change the look of a room in a few minutes. Choose the right pattern and enhance the development of your children's interests.

Wall Mural from Photo

Sometimes it happens that even the thickest catalogs of graphic patterns do not meet the client's expectations. At Aplip, we focus on the unlimited personalization of products. In order to provide our clients with as much room for action as possible, we allow you to custom wall murals from your photo, graphics, or designs.