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Canvas and posters

Although posters have been with us since around the 17th/18th century, in the past they were primarily advertising media. Today, they also have a decorative function, allowing you to diversify the decor of any interior. Choosing the right poster for the living room, office or bedroom has now become a great idea for self-expression.

Vintage posters

Vintage posters are perfect for both classically furnished homes and modern lofts. In order to choose the right decoration, it is worth thinking about pop-art paintings, ingenious ads for soda drinks from the 1950s, or even information boards from old Polish workplaces. Is there a more effective method to give the interior a unique character?

Music posters

Are you a music lover, a loyal fan of Michael Jackson or Queen? There is hardly a better way to capture unique musical experiences than to hang a poster from a concert tour of your favorite artists in your room. If you want to travel back in time, you can also copy their images from some old newspapers.

Movie posters

Posters are also permanently connected with films. Pulp Fiction, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Star Wars, or Harry Potter – if you identify with some cinema classic or Hollywood mega-production, make it part of your apartment. Thanks to this, you will stay in touch with all the films that have sentimental value for you.

Picture reproductions

How about reproductions of classic paintings? The technology of digital printing on canvas allows you to place the paintings of the most respected painters in your living room today. Printed in high quality, applied to the appropriate material, the graphics will look great for many years.

Minimalist posters

Do you want to subtly diversify the interior of your room, and are you afraid of reaching for flashy decorations? Choose minimalist lettering on a poster or a simple graphic pattern. Motivational quotes, philosophical reflections, or golden thoughts about your interests will allow you to express who you are and what is important to you.

Posters and paintings on request

If nothing catches your eye, give up ready-made patterns and do everything your way! We can easily print your designs in any size. Thanks to this, you will remain 100% responsible for the appearance and size of your poster.

Poster binding

Finally, it is worth considering the presentation of the selected poster. The cheapest solution is to stick it directly on the wall. In this case, the interior of the apartment will gain almost as much charm as in the times of youthful adventures in the 90s.

An anti-frame or a thin, uniform frame is also good to display the poster. Thanks to it, the decoration will become more elegant. It will also be a great idea to use a passe-partout, a cardboard frame that covers the edges of the poster.

Picture framing

When it comes to framing pictures, the range of options available is even wider. The selection of the shape, size, and color of the frame make the painting fit into any interior design much better. How about a picture without a frame? Hanging it on the wall in this way will add a bit of artistic disorder to the room, giving the impression of greater aesthetic freedom.